Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Inarajan Welcomes Kirby Larson

Kirby Larson and Rosario Quinata pose in front of the Inarajan Mayor's Office bulletin, which features a welcome message for Larson. 

Kirby Larson Highlights

Guam IRA welcomes Kirby Larson at the airport.
At the entrance to the War Dog Memorial
Kirby Larson at the War Dog Memorial
Kirby Larson, Debbie Duenas, and Cyndy Pruski at the War Dog Memorial Park
Kirby Larson speaks at Guam IRA General Membership Meeting
Dottie Winterlee presents Kirby Larson with a copy of her book, Grandma's Love.  Also pictured, Cyndy Pruski, Debbie Duenas, and Mary Livingston.
Kirby Larson connects with students at a school
Kirby Larson reads Nubs at the Public Library Story Hour
Kirby Larson rings the bell for good luck at Two Lover's Point

Kirby Larson Conducts Teachers Workshop at Price Elementary

Kirby Larson Conducts Writing Workshop at Price Elementary School